A few things we’re great at

Our services are aligned towards supporting our clients in their most important business challenges. We understand that for promoters and CXOs, these problems evolve in tandem with the evolution of their organizations. Consequently, our bouquet of services aims to address the whole gamut of business challenges experienced by business leaders across both strategy development and strategy execution.

Strategy development

Our strategy development expertise spans corporate & portfolio level strategies as well as individual business strategies. At the core of our strategy development process is the maxim “begin with the end in mind.” It begins with the aspiration setting exercise which helps clients imagine the end game and then helps identify the most optimum path to achieve this end.

Regulations and policy

The regulatory and policy framework within which a business operates can have a profound impact on its long-term value creation potential. We work with both the public and the private sectors in this domain. We support government and quasi-government agencies to define policy to maximize national and international competitiveness. We also support individual businesses to make sense of their regulatory and policy framework and adopt strategies to optimize their playbooks.

Valuation and due diligence

We understand that in a dynamic and high growth economy, growth is often inorganic. In such contexts, our services include strategic due diligence and post-merger integrations – based on strong domain-based understanding of business and quantitative, scenario-based approach to valuation as well as integration.

Bid advisory

Our bid advisory services are geared towards high-uncertainty businesses (such as infrastructure) which involve large upfront investments and long-terms returns. We not only develop and own the bid model in such complex bids, we also coordinate with all the relevant expert groups to ensure precise assumptions. Our basis for bid success is not only winning the bid, but also minimizing the gap with the runner-up.

Risk management

Our risk management offerings span both enterprise level risk management and individual project level risk management. What differentiates our approach to risk management is that it is not focused only on minimizing the potential downsides, but equally focused on maximizing the potential upsides.    

 Enterprise risk management: Aimed at identifying and quantifying the potential downsides and upsides of organization level resources and optimizing their allocation

Asset / project level risk management: Aimed at identifying specific levers that enables value maximization from individual assets and projects, by minimizing downsides and maximizing upsides

Strategy execution

We understand clearly that a strategy is as good as its execution. What truly differentiates us is our commitment to dovetail strategies and plans into the Execution frame and hand-hold the clients through initial implementation. We do it around a few critical areas

Strategy planning: We use world-class ‘strategy implementation framework’ to detail out the strategies into actionable tasks and milestones, align the organization on achieving them in a timely manner and help CXOs optimally review and monitor the overall progress.

Organization development: We help companies design their organization structure based on the strategic needs and competence requirements and also help design and institutionalize the optimal governance mechanism and delegation of power.

Incubation support: Setting up a new business or acquiring and new company or entering a new geography brings a set of unique challenges. In such situations, Valuefoc team supports the CXOs not only in setting up the business and defining the strategy but also hand-hold the management in terms of building the right team, raising finances (both debt and equity) and implementing the business plan.

Stakeholder management

To succeed, a business needs to have aligned stakeholders, both internal and external. In complex business environments, not only is the number of stakeholders large, most also have varied success drivers. We support our clients to understand and engage their most important stakeholders to align them towards a common goal to maximize business results.