Payroll and Shipping Integration Delivers Higher Customer Retention

Industry: Business Services

Highlights: FedEx and Google mashups | Integrated real-time alerts | Rapid implementation


• Alert field reps before customers terminate their contracts to improve customer retention and preserve revenues

• Integrate shipping data directly into user interface

• Save on time and costs associated with manually tracking payroll deliveries via FedEx

• Ensure data is continuously up to date


• Synchronized back-end payroll system data with

• Leveraged back-end application data within to:

– Build custom alerts based on customer termination dates

– Use FedEx and Google mashups


• One person integrated a home grown FoxPro payroll system with in 2 working days

• Eliminated the costs ofre-keying data into

• Increased the reliability and timeliness of data in

• Unlocked the value of the platform by using alerts plus FedEx and Google mashups

Innovative Online Community

Industry: Business Services

Highlights: Cloud services integration | New collaboration channel | Single sign-on


• Collaborate directly with customers to identify, understand, and address their biggest business challenges

• Create an online system that could be deployed quickly and would integrate easily with other applications and cloud-based services

• Increase the frequency of user group meetings from twice per year without increasing costs or imposing further on customers’time


• Launched the Decision Management Tools Community in just 8 weeks

• Integrated with Lithium community forums, Six Apart’s TypePad blog hosting, Eloqua demand-generation tools, and software trials managed by Intraware

• Installed tools from the AppExchange, including Click tools forcefully integrated customer surveys

• Integration with Eloqua captures and develops leads and manages multichannel campaigns directly from within Salesforce CRM


• The Decision Management Tools Community now has several thousand members, making itthe largest online community of its type in the industry

• Integrated, single sign-on community provides a compelling experience that drives customer loyalty

• Integration between the online community and Salesforce CRM marketing functionality helps capture leads and increase sales

Delivers Business Results With High-Quality Data

Industry: High-Tech Hardware

Highlights: Enhanced reporting | Multiple endpoints | Real-time integration


• Shift company applications to the cloud

• Integrate with legacy Baan application for all customer-related information • Have a single sourcefor complete information about customers

• Display information in an a format that’s easy to understand and use

• Create a single source for meaningful business intelligence and reporting


• Provided a true 360-degree view of customers

• Created a mashup that displays key ERP data within the UI

• Integration eliminates data duplication issues and ensures the entire organization is using the same data

• X Ref info is maintained in and the ERP system to ensure data integrity


• Deployed in less than 3 months

• Integration creates a single place where users can access all information

• Significantly improved data quality

• Customized user interfaces with mashup increases productivity and user adoption

• Added functionality for ERP-generated information using rules and workflow

Integrated Shipping, Distribution, and Orders Drive Growth and Success

Industry: High-Tech Hardware

Highlights: FedEx and UPS mashups | Multiple endpoints | Order management integration | 

Real-time integration


• Choose a platform to integrate commissions, contracts, evaluations, and more

• Create a solution for quotesusing data currently in Excel and ACT!

• Meet projectrequirements for rapid time to value, ease of integration, and the ability to build additional functionality


• Built an evaluation management tool to track shipping, product distribution, and retrievals

• Mashups take users directly to FedEx and UPS sites for shipment tracking

• Custom quoting tool automates printing and customizations of quotes

• Maintenance renewal app tracks maintenance renewals and interactions related to servicing appliances

• Apps downloaded from the AppExchange handle commissions and contract management


• Chose over .NET and J2EE fo rapid development,innovation, and cloud-computing model

• Lets salespeople submit more than 50 customer quotes per week

• Supports company’s 40–50 percent annual growth

• Increased revenues 44 percent by using SalesforceCMM

Oracle BPM Integration for Order Management and Global Visibility

Industry: High-Tech Software & Services

Highlights: BPEL Process Manager integration | Oracle EBS integration | Real-time integration


• Streamline business architecture and global business processes

• Build an easy-to-use, self-service Web site for customers

• Replace a 10-year-old legacy system that was rigid and difficult to adapt to business processes

• Identify a proven cloud-computing solution that leveraged the time and cost advantages of the cloud model

• New solution needed to work seamlessly with existing technology and systems


• Bidirectional integration with Advent’s Oracle and Intraware systems makes it easy to get pricing and customer entitlement information

• Integrated with core IT systems, including a unified customer hub

• Can deploy unlimited standard and custom apps to marketing, professional services, customer support, IT, finance, and executive management employees around the world

• A custom application links Salesforce CRM and Advent’s Web site to provide information on bugs, fixes, and functionality; email-to-case functionality helps customers get fast answers to questions


• Central data repository helps sales and customer service better understand customers and provides global visibility across all departments

• Fast access to key business metrics and increased visibility across the entire company drive better business

oversight and decision-making

• After meeting initial business case goals,IT is looking for ways to expand into the cloud

• provides a lower-cost option for building and deploying apps to all employees

Improve Sales process

Industry: High-Tech Hardware

Highlights: Multiple endpoints | Rapid implementation


• Wanted a best-of-breed sales force automation(SFA) solution that would easily integrate with legacy systems

and Oracle’s PeopleSoft ERP solution

• Needed a tool to replace a spread sheet based system for managing equipment and support tickets for cinema customers

• Wanted to automate the product shipping and distribution process as well as maintenance renewals

• Support for multiple languages and currencies was important for offices across the globe


• Replaced legacy CRM solution, including systems integration, in less than 5 months

• The Informatica Integration Pack from the AppExchange provides integration with PeopleSoft ERP and other on premises applications for improved business planning and process management

• Dolby and partner Appirio leveraged the development power of to build a cloud computing cinema asset application in 2 months

• The solution integrates with Salesforce CRM’s call center for more effective case management and problem-solving


• Integration with legacy systems ensures data integrity

• Strong user adoption resulted from better data quality,tight integration, and the elimination of a time consuming, paper-based process

• Easy access to real-time data and advanced analytics provides increased business visibility and improved  forecasting

• In-depth management of cinema equipment enables more efficient deployment of technical resources and better customer service

Energy Management System Improves Customer Service

Industry: High-Tech Hardware

Highlights: Enterprise visibility | Global integration


• Wanted an affordable system to track and manage customer interactions in 50 countries

• Needed integration with the company’s existing SAP system

• Frustrated after implementing Siebel CRM software and trying to integrate it with SAP for 3 years


• Selected after three-way product evaluation and 2-month trial

• Implemented the solution in eight languages and integrated with SAP—all within 90 days

• Deployed to 230 staff (including 13 Strategic Partner licenses), ensuring users worldwide have 24/7 access to customer information


• Rapid implementation and integration

• Customizations can be done in-house with the easy-to-use cloud computing platform

• Very high end-user adoption